Oily Hair and Face in

Address how this oily skin, especially in skin and facial hair, that hair is not easy greasy?

Oil and sweat are two different things, the producing glands was different. Oil or sebum glands numerous in the face, neck, chest, head and back. Its main function is to moisturize the skin.

In some people, the production of excessive sebum glands that interfere with performance. One way to control the production of sebum glands are the proper cleansing process.

Be careful in deciding to do scrubing rough, because it is not uncommon even cause irritation to the skin, whereas irritant itself would trigger the sebaceous glands to produce. So, clean the skin gently but thoroughly.

Products so the choice is a soft product with air-pH formula is very low due to effectively remove oil. Products that should be avoided is a soap, because soap is generally eliminates the effects of fatty acids on the skin that actually cause more harm than beneficial effect. Fatty acids on the skin affects the skin and mucous protects the skin retain moisture.

Do not wash face excessively despite his kind gentle cleanser, twice a day is enough.

Clay or mud mask can help because it can temporarily help lift the oil from the pores of the skin and gives the impression of a fresh face within a few hours afterward.

If all the above fails, there are several therapies that can be administered by a medical doctor. Some topical treatments such solution can be given, for example those containing alcohol, such as astringents and toners, skin surface drying effect, although the results are temporary, this treatment can be repeated several times a day.

For women, cosmetic products that are “anti-shine” is also useful to create a layer between the skin and makeup that works to absorb excess oil production. If still unsuccessful, the doctor may prescribe some oral medications, such as Retin A, Differin, Tazorac or Accutane.

Generally, the effects of medication for oily skin drugs they are not written on the label (off-label), but effective way to reduce excessive oil production. Certainly, in taking these drugs oabt, the appropriate dose must be determined by the prescribing physician.

Clearly, oily skin will remain oily throughout life, but with age, its production will be reduced. Thus, a person gets older, the treatment of oily skin treatment will also decrease, but still, the oil production will continue.