Nikon D5200: DSLR With Middle Class Wi-Fi Connection

Nikon looks quite prolific releasing a new line of cameras. If the previous Nikon presents the latest generation of cameras CSC hers, now Nikon is back with the latest DSLR for the middle class, the Nikon D5200.

Nikon D5200 comes with a body design that still looks like the generation it replaces, Nikon D5100. Flexible LCD screen that can be rotated and folded 3-inch densities 921.000 images of the same point with the Nikon D5100 still be found here. Although they look similar, specification Nikon D5200 has a significant increase of the Nikon D5100. Part comes with a sensor resolution of 24.1 megapixel CMOS sensor and is supported by Nikon’s EXPEED 3 processor support. Is clearly superior to the specifications of the Nikon D5100 which only comes with a 16.1 megapixel CMOS sensor and Nikon EXPEED 2 processor.

With Nikon’s EXPEED 3 processor support is more qualified to make the Nikon D5200 can be used to photograph the Continuos with speed 5fps. Recording video is also better with video capture at resolutions up to Full HD 1080p 60fps with sound record results clearer thanks to the stereo mic embedded in the body.
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Samsung GALAXY Ace Duos: More Powerful with 2 Network

Other GALAXY Ace Plus, different Ace Duos. Although both series is the successor to Ace, but there are fundamental differences in the ability to run 2 of 2 slot card networks, namely GSM and CDMA. Reportedly, Ace Duos will be marketed globally to countries that have GSM and CDMA operators, certainly including Indonesia.

Although GALAXY Ace Plus itself has not had launched in Indonesia, but the presence of Ace Duos enrich the choice of candidate users who need Android smartphone with support for GSM and CDMA simultaneously. In fact, until now there is no competitor that offers these solutions in the Android platform, including mobile phones bearing the local brand. If judging from its name, the Ace Duos that has a serial number SCH-i589 will further promote its CDMA element. Sure enough, for example, data services, Ace Duos will serve you via EVDO Rev.A 3G network which is more spacious than the GSM-owned data networks, with maximum speeds up to 3.1Mbps and has served three local operators namely AHA, smartfren and flexi. Of course this is good news, especially for 2G and 2.5G connection you can still use EDGE GPRS and GSM operator. Continue reading “Samsung GALAXY Ace Duos: More Powerful with 2 Network”

Video Game NBA Live 13 Clear Released

I wonder what happened with EA and their basketball franchise games. After going through the development process that takes a long time, EA has always ended in bad news when it comes to the basketball game franchise – NBA Live.

Not just delayed the release, this failure may even lead to the cancellation of the release as a whole. Had been on NBA Elite 11 and let the series competitors – NBA 2K11 dominate the market for granted, EA re-make the same mistake this year. Had a pretty good show progress, EA is coming up with a bad news. Some information confirmed that the release of EA canceling NBA Live 13.

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Best Digital Camera 2012

Digital imaging products always attract attention. Not surprising considering capture is a thing that everybody needs. With increasingly sophisticated and the number of models of digital cameras on the market, of course, is a challenge for consumers to choose a quality product and to meet their needs. We present some of the products present in 2012 and triumphed in their respective class.

1.Best Prosumer Camera: Sony Cybershot RX100
The images are excellent and functioning style DSLR comes in size very easy to dikantungi. Of course, cool design and specification lenses above average also endear amateur photographers. The price is also quite reasonable considering the performance it offers is still on top of the other prosumer cameras.

2. Best Budget Camera: Panasonic Lumix S3
Mini shape and the images are better than the other competitors in its class is the advantage of cheap compact cameras from Panasonic.
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Enjoy Galaxy Note 2 Feels Desktop PC

Good news for you users of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Have attended an additional accessories that are specifically made by Samsung, called Smart Dock. So what is the function of these accessories?

Reporting from GSMArena, Smart Dock can make the Galaxy Note 2 that you have into a desktop PC or a media center just by putting it into the dock phablet.

Smart Dock has plenty of ports on each of its sides. The function of these ports is a keyboard port, HDMI port, mouse port, and the port for the speaker. The ports that already exist are going to be used as a link between the Galaxy Note 2 to the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and speakers. So be a desktop PC.

Desktop PC is fairly remarkable. With various specifications owned by Galaxy Note 2 as quad-core processor and 2GB of RAM, of course, will give better performance when compared to a desktop PC-style in general.
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Samsung GALAXY Pop Plus: The Second Generation Mini

After the success of the GALAXY mini is marketed in India by the name of GALAXY Pop, Samsung took off the next generation of smartphones with the name Pop Plus. As a successor, fair if many elements of “plus” Pop Plus is included in this. So it’s good just as soon as we find out.

First in terms of design. When juxtaposed parallel, perhaps you will consider these two smartphones are the same series because there is almost no significant difference. So, let us lyrics specs: GALAXY mini has dimensions of 110.4 × 60.8 × 12.1mm, while his sister 110.4 × 60.6 × 12.1mm. Aha, Pop Plus more “narrow” 0.2mm! And what about the weight? Pop Plus 1.6G turns heavier than the Mini, which weighs 105 grams.

Other differences can be found on the processor used. If Mini paired with Qualcomm MSM7227 chipset and 600MHz CPU ARMv6, the Pop Plus reinforced ARMv6 832MHz CPU, but with the same chipset. That’s it. Because there is absolutely no other differences can be found in this latest version, from the software to the hardware.
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Follow AOL Launches Video Mobile Gaming

Internet service provider AOL announced the launch of their first mobile game, titled ‘Clucks’. The game is quite interesting because it combines video and word games. Game which will be played on mobile devices running the iOS both iPhone and iPad has not yet been determined when the release date.

However, AOL said that the two games will be available soon on iTunes. To further enliven the game, AOL worked with Sony Pictures that will sponsor the game ‘Clucks’ by presenting artists from Sony Pictures to appear in the game, though it has not announced any artists who will appear there.

According to Sol Lipman, VP of AOL, is a unique game for players to use video to give you an answer in which they can respond if you feel like it. This game itself is not played in real time, so that it can be played offline.

According to Lipman, playing ‘Clucks’ based social video will be very exciting because in addition to see the faces of your friends, as well as be able to play the game using video. Continue reading “Follow AOL Launches Video Mobile Gaming”

[Photography Tips] Understanding Aspect Ratio and Composition Theory

For the layman, the aspect ratio settings on digital cameras like not too concerned. One of the reasons, a lack of understanding about it. So what is aspect ratio? Aspect ratio is the ratio of the width and height of an image.

Currently there are 6 aspect ratio is known in the world of photography include:
1. 1:1:
Rectangular aspect ratio has a width and height comparable to the count. Current aspect ratio is again used by many photo applications on the smartphone device after Instagram popularized it. But before popular by Instagram, 1:1 aspect ratio is the standard size of a Hasselblad camera has a size of 6x6cm.

2. 5:4:
5:4 aspect ratio commonly used in cameras and large format cameras that use film-shaped sheet. Most of the size of the resulting image has a size of 8 × 10 inches.

3. 4:3:
Media TV broadcasting and video generally use the aspect ratio to the size or resolution of 640 × 480 pixels. Small sensor camera and a pocket camera that carries the CCD sensor systems generally use this aspect ratio. Not only that, the camera sensor size four third or 4/3 and micro four cameras Third (MFT) is also the most widely used format. In medium format camera, 4:3 aspect ratio is also known as the medium format camera “645” refers to the actual size of the image dimensions 6 × 4.5cm.
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Samsung GALAXY M Style: Design Style with Super AMOLED

Samsung GALAXY M Style Design Style with Super AMOLEDAfter the previous series successor, the Samsung GALAXY Ace Plus announced, Samsung GALAXY M Style followed with specifications and prices are “well”. Presenting a 4-inch screen, Samsung’s Super AMOLED technology has been buried which will surely pamper the eyes of users.

Runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, the performance of M Style reinforced by the ARM Cortex-A8 single-core 1GHz processor and the battery capacity is quite large, ie, 1650 mAh. While the image sector, 3MP camera comes unaccompanied by a flash, plus 720p HD video recording and a VGA front camera. The picture can fit freely in the internal memory of 4GB capacity or, if less, it can be expanded up to 32GB. You can directly edit it because it was available image editing features.

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Vuzix Smart Glasses Glass M100 Google Challenge

For the enthusiast world of technology, we would have heard of Google’s plans to produce a so-called glasses will make us easier to interact with the internet. But until now, Google seems to have also showed clear signs. Glass as Google’s ambitious project just for the sake.

Google Project Glass stagnant, it seems even create other technology companies eager to make a high-tech eyewear. On several occasions the past, Oktomagazine had discussed measures to release Oakley sunglasses nicknamed Airwave. Oakley itself fairly successfully developed a special high-tech eyewear for athletes who wrestle in the extreme sports world.

Uncertainty Google in building Google’s Glass is not only utilized by Oakley. More recently, a company called Vuzix eyewear re-create a sophisticated product that also has high-tech. The company has successfully built a product called Smart Glasses Vuzix M100.

According to the website Mashable, glasses M100 already has a variety of high technology. Supplemented by a variety of devices, such as the microphone, camera, earpiece, GPS and motion sensors, this lens also operates with the Android system. Additionally, Vuzix glasses are also complete with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections can be made M100 is connected with smartphones, as well as putting a small screen on the eyes which makes it equivalent to a 4-inch screen.
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